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Apart from those airports with taxiways and aprons which looks more "formal", there should be many small airstrips in Indonesia missing in the sim, and the presence of them is likely to be undocumented. As the initial release of this pack, 9 airstrips are included, most of them have no ICAO code, a fake one is assigned instead:

  • Kaloran (WA1K)
  • Depok (WA2D)
  • Jatipapak (WA2J)
  • Pacitan (WARB)
  • Masalembu (WARM)
  • SBNE Airstrip (WI2B)
  • Gorda (WI2G)
  • Pamalayan (WI2P)
  • Sinar Mas Super Air (WI2S)

You can challenge yourself by landing into Kaloran Airstrip which have slopes on both sides of the runway, or the quite narrow Depok Airstrip which is just a road when there is no aircraft on it, or takeoff at the very short Jatipapak Airstrip with an ultralight aircraft.

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Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

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