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Initial Release 17. September 2021
Last Updated 29. October 2021
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Hyper View

Hypertexthero had the idea - he would like it to have an addon, which changes the views, while flying long distances.

So i tried to let the idea comes to reality - here it is - now you can get it.

Just put this into your Community folder and you will have another icon in your toolbar - called HV (HyperView). In the first button you can see your actual view you are in. If you click it, the view change will start in the order of the 4 following buttons (Cockpit, External, Drone and Showcase). With the buttons you can change the view on the fly;)

With MIN (0 - 50 seconds) you can define the time how long a view should at least be showing and MAX (10 - 100) will define the longest time - on every change a random view time will be defined. If MIN value is zero - only the MAX (10 - 100 seconds) value will be used to stay at every view. You can change the values by double clicking and entering it, or with the scrollwheel or on thr right side - with up and down (arrows not seen by now).

If you want you can put the panel to another screen - but be aware - the msfs main window will loose focus and your stick, ... will not work anymore.

You can minimize the panel so you only can see the first button.

I am very new in coding stuff for the sim - so less knowdlege of the possibilities and i didn't find very good documentation. So maybe i will change the tool over time - maybe there will be other tools for this or even integtrated into to sim - which i would like most.

Till then use my tool - at your own risk - for sure and have fun with it!

Thx to !Discord JayDee Community user: bunny#8955 - who helped me to create the icon for the tool (had to be exported "optimized svg" with inkscape) and to Hypertexthero for his idea!

For questions and ... just use my discord:


Pretty empty over here.

Pretty empty over here.

  • Version 2.0 October 29, 2021

    Little Change - now you can hide or unhide the Hyper-View Window with the keys CTRL ALT y - have fun!

  • Launched September 17, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!