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Landmarks of New York City (Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx)

Welcome to New York, probably the most impressive city in the world. After commemorating the sad events of September 11, 2001, I intended to build this scenario of landmarks for myself, but then decided to share it with the community.

For the sheer number of buildings that exist in this fabulous city, I've only included 48 iconic buildings/landmarks in this collection (original version had 25 models). I know I'm missing too many, but I just wanted to pay tribute to this city and its people and the United States in general, for its strength in those difficult times twenty years ago. In this collection you'll appreciate the newest, tallest and most expensive residential buildings that were constructed in the city in recent years. 

I also include some sporting landmarks in Queens and also the Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. You'll find the two main tennis stadiums at the Billy Jean King USTA Complex in Flushing, Queens, the Arthur Ashe and Louis Armstrong stadiums, both just before they were retrofitted with retractable roofs a few years ago. It is the site of the US Open, the fourth of the four major tennis tournaments in the world, which was held recently from August 30 to September 12.

+ One World Trade Center
+ Yankee Stadium
+ Ravenswood Power Plant
+ Arthur Ashe Stadium
+ Louis Armstrong Stadium
+ Queens Zoo
+ Queens Center Mall
+ Unisphere at USTA facilities
+ 53 West Building 53
+ 432 Park Ave Building
+ Chrysler Building
+ Citigroup Center
+ Empire State Building
+ Flatiron Building
+ Hearst Tower
+ Madison Square Garden
+ Metlife Building
+ NY Times Building
+ The Plaza Hotel
+ Radio City Hall
+ Times Square
+ The Waldorf Astoria Hotel
+ 220 Central Park South Building
+ Central Park Tower
+ Woolworth Tower Residences
+ Three World Trade Center
+ Four World Trade Center
+ The Oculus at World Trade Center
+ One 57
+ Solow Building
+ Trump Tower
+ Trump World Tower
+ United Nations Headquarters
+ One NY Plaza
+ 25 Water Street
+ 55 Water Street
+ Verizon Building
+ 111 West 57 Street Building
+ Hudson Yards
+ The Vessel at Hudson Yards
+ Olympic Tower
+ One Manhattan Square
+ One Vanderbilt
+ One Manhattan West
+ Bank Of America Tower
+ St. Patrick's Cathedral
+ 56 Leonard Street Building
+ 60 Wall Street

The current MSFS photo-imagery of two of the heliports in Manhattan, the Blade West Heliport and the Manhattan Helicopters facilities (look for the included pictures to know their exact location), have been improved with the addition of buildings, helipads, lights, static helicopters and objects familiar with this type of facilities. Now these heliports can be used for landings and takeoffs from Manhattan. Please understand that they are not actually "airports" and have no parking spots to be selected from the MSFS menus.

Please take a look at the ReadMe file included in the download, as it contains further information regarding Credits, Installation Instructions, Dependencies and other useful recommendations.

Hope everyone downloads and enjoys wonderful New York City as much as I do.

Originally released on September 14, 2021

Why this?

The default MSFS photogrammetry for NYC is good, but far from perfect and most importantly, the data used is about three-four years old, so recent residential skycrappers built after 2018 are not shown, or are shown during their construction. The use of 3D models provide better and sharp view of the main buildings in NYC and show the city the way it is nowadays.

Why I cannot select a parking spot at any of the two included heliports?

The two included heliports are not "airports" as such in MSFS, but just an improvement of the default photorealistic scenery in the area, with the addition of helipads, airport lights, windsocks, cones, gas tanks, fences, tarmac workers, buildings and static helicopters. Now you can land (first) and take-off from those heliports and fly around the city.

It would be possible to modify some of the buildings for making them closer to the real ones?

All the 3D models for the buildings and landmarks are free models available at 3D Warehouse/SketchUp (please look at the "Credits" section in the included ReadMe file). It's out of the scope of this development to intent to modify any of these models, nor to build new ones. If someone finds some buildings colors to be too different than the buildings represented by the default photogrammetry, I suggest flying at different hours during the day. Thanks for your understanding

  • Version 2.10 September 21, 2021

    + Added windsocks and cones at the two heliports
    + Eliminated the helipad lights due to an unwanted lighting effect (way too bright)

  • Version 2.00 September 19, 2021

    + Added 23 more buildings/landmarks to the original release (Now totaling 48)
    + Checked position, height and night lightning on some buildings
    + Added two heliports (Manhattan Helicopters and Blade West Heliport facilities) with buildings and parked cars, airport objects, etc., for amusement

  • Launched September 14, 2021

    Initial release of this file just launched. Welcome aboard!