Current Version 2.0.2
Initial Release 15. August 2021
Last Updated 21. May 2022
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Tested on MSFS Version 1.25.6 (SU9)


  This mod changes the Taxi Ribbon and Parking Assistance 3D objects colors and sizes.
  It consists in unobtrusive modifications to Asobo_UI.bgl to make the helpers naturally
  blending with the ground, less invasive in VR and more convenient in 3D.


  Smaller Green Taxi Ribbon Arrows
  - Blending naturally with the taxi lines and displaying only a few meters away from the aircraft.
  - Visible at night.

  Blue/Green Parking Box
  - Displaying as thin blue/green patterns over the ground.
  - Visible at night.

  Blue/None Parking Box
  - Displaying a thin blue pattern over the ground and disappearing once inside the area.
  - Visible at night.

  White/None Parking Box
  - Displaying almost like ground painted parking lines and disappearing once inside the area.
  - Reflective only.

Guided Installation:

  - Double click rxp-taxi-helpers-mod.bat to run the installation script.
  - This script auto-detects the location of the package files and will guide you through the installation process.
  - Follow the instructions for customization options, wait until completed - done!  
  - Alternatively, you can directly invoke the script from a PowerShell prompt:

PS> .\rxp-taxi-helpers-mod.ps1
Manual Installation:

  - Use the following PowerShell command to get additional help:

PS> Get-Help .\rxp-taxi-helpers-mod.ps1 -Detailed
How to uninstall:

  - Proceed with the guided installation and choose every first item in the lists.
  - Or use the following PowerShell command:

PS> .\rxp-taxi-helpers-mod.ps1 -RestoreDefaults

  A backup copy is saved every time you make any change to the original file in the original folder.
  Every Asobo update comes with a new Asobo_UI.bgl file, reinstall after each update.

Additional Information and Credits:

This mod was built directly from the current default Asobo_UI.bgl file from SimUpdate 9 version 1.25.6

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  • Version 2.0.2 May 21, 2022

    v2.0.3: Minor change to make "Restore Defaults" actually restoring defaults (thick blue/green parking boxes), otherwise selecting the same color values as default is actually using the mod values (i.e. thin blue/green parking boxes).

    v2.0.2: Added rxp-taxi-helpers-mod.bat to run installation and automatically elevate PowerShell for UAC

  • Version 2.0.1 May 21, 2022


  • Version 2.0 May 21, 2022

    New version now using an installation script*.
    New standard sizes and color options available.
    Auto-detects the files and guides the user through.
    Additional options are easily customizable in the script.
    Uninstall options available.

    *See also:

  • Version 1.2.0 August 20, 2021

    Added: Blue/None parking variant
    - displaying a thin blue pattern over the ground and disappearing once inside the area.

    Enhanced: White/None parking variant
    - displaying a little bit more whiter to accommodate varying surface colors better.