Name Description Author Link
List » Megapack Master List
This document lists all liveries and their corresponding creators including in the latest livery mega pack. Clink123
Template » Aircraft Templates Package
This pack includes necessary DSS templates needed to create liveries for several aircraft. Clink123
Template » A320 Neo 4K Textures
Download this template for 4K Resolution textures to create 4K liveries. R1NS3
YouTube » Custom Livery Creation and Install Guide
This video quickly explains everything relevant to know about livery creation. Clink123
YouTube » Tips and Tricks for Logo & Rudder Placement
Learn how to place your logo and match it up with the verticle stabilizer and more. vLegion_
Guide » Metallic material for B747-800i
This PDF guide quickly explains how to edit 747 liveries and keep the metallic material surface. Virdian
Template » B747-800 PAINTKIT
This template includes all necessary files for both cargo and passenger livery creation. qwe9000
Template » B787-10 Textures upscaled
Upscaled resolution textures for B787-10. R1NS3
Name Description Author Link
YouTube » Google Maps 3D: Data into Blender
Learn how to use Google Maps 3D data for scenery creation in MSFS. Nicko16
YouTube » Getting your Blender Model into MSFS
This tutorial explains how to import your blender model to MSFS. WAVATSC
Add-On » Blender Maps Models Importer
Maps Models Importer is a set of tools for importing 3D models. eliemichel
Guide » Introduction to MSFS SDK
How to edit & create your own airports Seb Brown & Dragoljub Blagojevic
Guide » How to create a new airport in MSFS
How to edit & create your own airports Unknown
Toolkit » Blender2MSFS toolkit
The Blender2MSFS toolkit is an addon for Blender which allows the user to export 3D models to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Vitus

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